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Heroes of [Might and Magic] Comrade 12/03/2020 (Thu) 00:41:32 No. 6911 [Reply]
What's your opinion on HoMM and M&M? Which one did you play? Which one did you like the most? Will there ever be hope that UbiSoft stopps hogging the IP and we may get good games again?
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>>6911 I tried to play HoMM1 and couldn't figure it out, then I gave up and played HoMM2 instead. Since I picked Archibald's campaign I became used to always playing as a Necromancer, and eventually hit a roadblock with that map where there are hordes of peasants and archers everywhere. The game was already a bit frustrating but when I reached this point and couldn't clear the scenario, I definitely gave up. I don't think I've uninstalled them yet. I wonder if I would have a better experience playing 3.
HOMM 1-3 are the greatest video games ever created in world history. Period end of discussion. It's a carry over from an older era when game developers actually give a flying fuck an wanted to make a good game you can play till literally the end of time itself, as opposed to the DLC fucking crap we got today. M&m I never got into, is it any good? Seems like it but IDK
>>7423 >I definitely gave up. It's a game defintly for people with autism, as it takes a very very long time, alot of detail and planning for you to do it. H2, I need to beat Archibald's, and a few other campaigns, but i got though the hardest ones.
>>6911 I cant get over how ageless the graphics in these games are. Heroes 2 is almost 25 years old and it still looks gorgeous. I wish modern indie games would go for sprite graphics like these.
(397.06 KB 1280x800 AoW3.jpg)
(133.28 KB 600x331 eador motbw.jpg)
Heroes 2 and 3 were fun as a kid, and I played 3 some later in life, but it's not that great a game. Age of Wonders 3 scratches the same itch, and is a far superior game. Eador: Masters of the Broken World is also a very interesting game in this genre, but that definitely isn't going to be for everyone.

(69.17 KB 357x360 comfies.jpg)
New Aquisitions Thread Comrade 12/12/2020 (Sat) 01:57:57 No. 7300 [Reply]
IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! what new games or gear have you/are you getting that you're excited about? for the first time in my life i'm going to be able to play modern games and on high settings. no more shitty laptop gaming. i can finally play GTA5, and FO4, and Witcher 3, and so so SO many more. finna catch up on the last 5-10 years of gaming. got a dell optiplex 9020 with an i7 4790, 500gb SSD, and 1TB HDD for $250. then i got a GTX 1660 super for $250. then a 1440p 144hz monitor for $225. it's all gonna get here around the 18th. i'm so fucking hype bros oh my god.
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(95.86 KB 805x540 boot.jpg)
>>7441 >does he make a compelling point? no because "DRM" doesn't affect performance. you should read up on what DRM actually is because it's NOT a wheel clamp. it's more just a restriction on access that is primarily geared towards making players stay on a platform. IE if you want to play a game you have to download it and play it through steam. that's DRM. however using pic related as an analogy, pirating a game is merely spoofing the key to the car. imagine if DRM was what people tend to think it is particularly as was talked about surrounding the CP2077 release. if there were two versions of the game, one with performance limiting DRM and one without, pirates would just spoof the one without and those copies would be the most popular and the DRM copies would die out. so either way pirating is free of any "DRM"
play EYE it's really good
>>7477 Some DRM really is horribly onerous though. Granted, those have mostly died out due to consumer backlash but some forms of DRM like Stardock I think and some other proprietary ones basically infiltrated your PC like malware and actively fucked up your shit.
>>7477 DRM is exactly like a wheel clamp or ankle monitor though. It's a completely unnecessary background process that wastes your PC's resources and serves no purpose except to police your legitimate usage of software.

/wowcg/ Wow Classic General Comrade 12/16/2020 (Wed) 16:29:33 No. 7486 [Reply]
shadow of the necropolis edition
WoW has never been good.

(6.38 KB 191x264 download.jpg)
(9.71 KB 222x227 images (1).jpg)
Comrade 09/21/2020 (Mon) 21:39:35 No. 4720 [Reply]
Woul...would you play it anon?
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>>4720 what has been brought upon this cursed earth?
>>4720 The fuck is this?
So its a game about stalin fucking hitler?
>>6659 Hell yes!
>>6659 Also you get to be fucked by stalin aswell

(256.53 KB 740x340 voltage_workers.jpg)
STRIKE! By Voltage game workers Comrade 08/15/2020 (Sat) 20:29:56 No. 3749 [Reply]
https://www.uniglobalunion.org/news/strike-game-workers-us-results-unprecedented-win?fbclid=IwAR1q7ipBfBXzo0bcxXnWF1nTFNEXneuV0Tc3WVCPog0oHtkY_bmTz7PBJeM <Writers for Lovestruck, a mobile game produced by Voltage Entertainment USA, have won an average 78 per cent pay increase and greater transparency at work after a ground-breaking 21-day strike. It is the first successful game worker strike in the history of the game development industry.
>>3749 Holy fucking based Should have posted this on /leftypol/ tho gamedevs are among the most cucked workers and victories like this should be shown more
(455.52 KB 2048x1134 Eng1O-OWMAADnN-.jpeg)
>>3750 Pic related about game workers is from DOPE periodical. This is a paper from here in fishandchipsland. It looks like a more anarchist version of the Big Issue. I've been to one of the distro points in London, 56a Crampton Street. It's been there for years. I used to work at the International Press Cuttings Bureau on Walworth Road, nearby. I only lasted six months. But I was talking to one guy there. He said he was planning to only do a few months there, and then go travelling around Europe. But he never did, it was in the 1970s,and he'd been at the Bureau ever since...broken dreams... :-( The paper can be read online as well as bought from homeless vendors https://dogsection.org/press/dope12
>>3749 Based and redpilled I had no idea about this. Hopefully this will give strength to future organizing efforts and strikes in bigger companies. This is their work in case you're curious: https://vndb.org/p10375
>>3749 How are coomers able to strike anyways? You'd think that porn games would be the last place to get unionized.
>>7466 I'm guessing it's probably because it's a niche within a niche within a niche, so the company is relatively small.

(290.76 KB 900x1200 lmh4uvs7ciw31.jpg)
Metal Gear series Anonymous Comrade 11/05/2019 (Tue) 23:35:29 No. 2922 [Reply] [Last]
Are the MGS games based and REDpilled and Kojima /ourguy/?
I know Peace Walker placed Che and the Sandinistas in a positive light but 3 and 5 had some very red scare opinions on the USSR
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>>3149 >I love Che! >and hate Guantanamo Bay! >anyway, here's why invasion of Afghanistan was bad, and let's do missions for the CIA
A lot of the anti-nuclear stuff in mgs1 did not age particularly well going back to it. Besides the allegory with metal gear most of it was centered on hysterical environmentalist concerns.
>>7192 I mean, big boss at that point is an amoral ancap just selling wetwork services to whoever so I don't think that necessarily reflects kojimmy's thoughts on the matter.
>>7192 To be fair, BB would later turn into the antagonist
>>7461 Because he fought unita?

(1.15 MB 1800x1373 Equestria at War Canterlot.png)
Equestria at War Comrade 10/13/2020 (Tue) 04:21:37 No. 5159 [Reply]
Who is your favourite nation in the best HOI4 total conversion? What paths do you think are best? Or anything else? I just played through the Pax Chrystalia content last week, it was pretty fun, though I should have gone after Equestria quicker rather than taking the time to knock out all the other nations in Equus, then I would have had more options as Manehattan for expansion. Also feel free to share any other pony related stuff, longplays, et cetera.
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(17.00 KB 480x360 unamused_charlmers.jpg)
>>5242 Kodėl tavo bronių mod'e yra gėjiški poniai integralistai su mano šalies reakcionierių teroristų vardais ir estetika, Seimūrai? Tai turbūt šitaip juodžkiai jaučiasi girdėdami baltus raper'ius
>>5313 Because Equestria at War is essentially "My Little Pony suffers from their own WW1", and all that it entails. Although if their is one thing that kinda should be remedied (although it mostly refers to early content), was pushing RL personalities into the mod, i.e. there is a horse Oswald Mosley, a griffon Mussolini, and Karl Marx is called Caramel Marks. The weirdest result of it is Stalin, who exists as one of the founders of Communism in the lore (as Steel Stallion, judging from the name) and as an actual leader in a peasant republic, who comes to power in completely different way opposed to RL, has two expies, and both are completely torn out their context, making their inclusion nothing more than aesthetic.
>>5313 Most countries are a mishmash of cultures/histories, Longsword who I was playing as is the rough history of Nazi-occupied Lithuania, with names/locations based on Finnish. Apparently. >>5315 To be more exact, Equus is more analogous to WW2, with Olenia representing France/Czechoslovakia/Poland and Equestria as the USSR, whereas the conflicts on Griffonia are somewhat analogous to victorian-WW1 era wars of conquest with various other stuff thrown in.
(604.55 KB 2560x1440 20201016104211_1.jpg)
My little momdom tyrant can't be this cute!
>>5162 It's pretty popular on /vst/ though

(400.76 KB 928x615 animal farm steam.png)
Oh boy Comrade 12/12/2020 (Sat) 07:37:10 No. 7320 [Reply]
Should I get it? I wonder if it will be in favour of libertarian socialism or a completely decontextualised porky screed. The description says it will try to 'tackle the issues of 2020' so that sounds like a winner.
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>>7320 >The description says it will try to 'tackle the issues of 2020' Gonna take a completely blind guess that the author thinks the pressing issues of 2020 are political correctness and riots, and that naturally this is exactly the same as Stalinism. Is there anything more midwit than using Orwell to discuss politics? Christ.
>Orwell no
>>7320 Why does it have anime style visuals?
>>7424 That just looks like a contemporary western style to me, though granted there has been a heavy Japanese influence.
>I wonder if it will be in favour of libertarian socialism Why would it be? The game is based on an anti-communist book

(28.09 KB 460x215 like1.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/10/2019 (Sun) 22:00:32 No. 2780 [Reply]
New DLC coming for Ostalgie!
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>>4537 Peru isn't in the game, maybe it'll be added in later updates or DLCs
>>4549 I don't think they will do a DLC for China anytime soon. They are doing another game right now. Plus, I don't know, it would be a DLC for an event. I guess they didn't thought about it.
>>4575 As a commemoration of the 28th year of the capture of the 4th sword of marxism here's an idea PERU: REVOLUTION IN THE ANDES In 1980, after 11 years of a military coup that alligned with the soviet union and carried the agrarian reform waited for centuries and 5 from the countercoup of the rightwing faction of the army alligned wth the most common dictatrships in Latin America the new bourgueois elections have come. The fields are grazing with revolution and so are the cities, the communist party of Peru is fractured since the Sino-Soviet split in many factions, one of them, the Communist Party of Peru (called Shining Path by others as a diferentiation) has begun a people's war in the highlands of Ayacucho. How we are going to respond? Shall we cooperate with the bourgueois peruvian goverment, sending help to end the insurgency? We will send money and weapons to arm the guerrilla? Or we will proceed to behead the structure and with some pressure force the parties alligned with our line to win the next election? A)Help the peruvian goverment (only allowed if you are a liberal) B)Send money and weapons to help the guerrillas (Only if you are a marxist-leninist or better, if you are in the gang of 4; I guess it would end up in Peru with a Hammer and sickle banner or a Authoritarian banner-since Gonzalo was Gonzalo-. C)We need to unite them all, arrange a takeover by another top cadre (I don't know, just memeing here, fucking reformist flag kek).
>>4549 It isn't on the map for some reason Angola and Mozambique are also not on the map despite them having long lasting proxy conflicts
>>4597 Yeah but at least it's mentioned that right wing terrorists convention.

(10.78 KB 480x360 hqdefault (4).jpg)
(10.19 KB 347x145 download (45).jpeg)
Russian warlords in TNO Comrade 10/05/2020 (Mon) 18:23:18 No. 4941 [Reply] [Last]
From a leftist perspective, which warlord is best for Russia?
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>>6965 Because “muh socdem and libsoc wholesome 100!”. It’s really weird. >>6941 >Not based Kaganovich Cringe
Anyone here played socdem Komi? I was thinking about playing as them but I wanna know if they’re good or not
>>6966 I don't even think it has anything to do with that, I think moreso the two labels should be switched.
>>6098 WRRF Authsoc Sablim
Revisionists GTFO


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