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Cawk of Dooby Comrade 10/19/2020 (Mon) 12:50:58 No. 5365 [Reply]
Hey did you guys try out the free beta period of Cold War that's been going on these past couple days? Feels good gunning down CIA imperialists in Moscow, or blowing up Miami as a qt KGB wannabe. The only Soviet operator so far is also the only woman so we got the coomers on our side. Might as well make the clan tag BLM too in order to automatically trigger /pol/tards in the lobby amirite?
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>>5372 Pepsi-fag spam would make /v/ reee as much as /pol/ would reee about commies modding their vidya about killing "le sandn*ggers"
Is there any reason to listen to the retards who claim cod tried to pin the real highway of death on Russia
>>6975 they let you nuke the west with american nukes so, maybe?
>>5372 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KbBDC6i_a8 Can't ever take COD seriously anymore after this video (not that I really could before but hey) WE BOUT TO GET STUPID
>>6981 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk0RkkACfdE Now I just wanna post more montage parodies. Those were the good times truly.

Comatoast Board owner 11/29/2020 (Sun) 20:28:11 No. 6809 [Reply]
Hello, as many of you may be aware I also moderate another image board at 7chan.org and the 7chan IRC. We are looking to grow our videogame IRC network and looking for people to join us in playing some videogames. We host a room dedicated to playing videogames online, or, just discussion about video games in general. Some people in the room mentioned bunkerchan.xyz/games/ and so here I am. I am looking to get a little input from the user base of /games/ about maybe hosting our irc network here as the official /games/ irc. That way we can have more people to play vidya with us over there and /games/ can, actually, have a central location for hooking up with other video game enthusiasts. Everybody wins in this case. That's my logic behind it. The bunkerchan mods unanimously voted in support of the matter. I just wanna get a little input from you guys here before we proceed. Our irc network is located at irc.7chan.org/6697. SSL is required our gaming room can be located at #netplay. If anyone is interested in checking it out. I'll leave this sticky up for a day or so then take it down after I get some input from everyone. What does everyone think?
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>>6814 Why do people equate a not living board with a dead board? Why are we such defeatist bunkerchan?
>>6816 Because they're newfags and doomers
sounds good to me think itll take a bit to pick up activity cus this is one of the more dead boards on bunkerchan
I would join your group if it was on Matrix.
>>6977 In anticipation of posts like this, given the popularity of Matrix on bunkerchan, we have been considering a Matrix bridge to the IRC channel. I think there are some user consent issues to work out though: even though Matrix isn't Discord, it still represents an added layer of logging not normally present on IRC that some users may object to.

(8.55 KB 290x200 C9ZZ7B5XoAAqvLI.jpg)
Anyone play nation sims rEdArMy 08/08/2017 (Tue) 16:12:58 No. 5456 [Reply]
Anyone play nations likes Cybernations or Politics and way
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Best game to roleplay an Amish Jeffersonian democracy with Khmer Rouge characteristics?
>>6935 Dwarf Fortress.
>>6943 kek >>6940 Based game tbh
>>6940 >>6935 Pretty sure you can nail the feel better with Rimworld.

(201.38 KB 364x420 WITCHFINDER.png)
D&D Anonymous Comrade 08/11/2020 (Tue) 21:55:15 No. 3691 [Reply]
I think D&D has degraded over the years, but I wanna hear your thoughts.
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(215.12 KB 472x354 tea-party-child.jpg)
>>4177 It's not so much that they're bad, but that they aren't good. The main thing you get out of buying and using an RPG somebody wrote, aside from incidental setting "fluff", is rules, especially for conflict resolution and world generation. But rules in storygames invariably boil down to "make shit up", just like little girls holding a pretend magical tea party, thus the epithet "MTP". Now, there's nothing wrong with using MTP sometimes, there's even a discreet reminder about it in D&D with "rule 0". The problem is, every child already knows MTP, so anything written inside a published tabletop RPG must be different from and superior to MTP for at least some tasks, otherwise it's just a book full of "fluff" instead of a functional RPG. Aside from weak or outright nonfunctional rules, however, actual rules and guidelines typical of storygames are also corrosive. For instance, fate points and narrative control disassociate players from their characters, and discourage detailed worldbuilding, in favor of vague worlds that leave room for limitlessly escalating bullshit: >the wolves press you to the cliff's edge <i jump off <so you fall to your doom? >*burn a fate point* *POOF* *a branch appears* >no, i grab a branch and climb back up after they leave
>>4191 I see, hey, so Burning wheel is a storygame, but it's like a thousand pages of rules and shit, what say you?
>>4191 think it really depends on who you're playing with and what kind of person the dm is
Any DMs willing to start an online /leftypol/ D&D campaign?
>all this discussion <nobody even plays MFW

(28.30 KB 460x215 Victoria_II_Logo.jpg)
(565.75 KB 722x506 ajq4h6nepe941.png)
/vic2/ Comrade 12/03/2020 (Thu) 02:11:18 No. 6926 [Reply]
Suggested by >>6924, here's the victoria 2 general
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Reposting one of the few good things to come out of 4chan /gsg/: https://github.com/napoleons-legacy/mod
>Play Vanilla Vic2 >Start as any monarchy >Put Liberals in charge >Now put Conservatives in charge >And now Reactionaries >Repeat process ten times >Big discontent >Enough to pass welfare reforms >Pass healthcare >Repeat 4 times to get best healthcare >Population skyrockets past anything realistically feasable >Too little jobs, factories literally can't upgrade fast enough to catch up >All unemployed proles go into the army >Become Top 1st military power as an OPM or a TwoPM just because, in theory, you have the worlds biggest reserve army >Crash the army goods market by starting to build them all into units Man, so sad they fixed the Government Appointment to have a time limit in HoD update.
HFM or HPM? Also what countries are good?
>>6938 For HFM, I’d recommend you play as Spain and lose to the carlists, then you events to get cores on all of Spain’s new world territories. HFM is a bit annoying if you’re playing a rising power though, because the colonization of Africa is very railroaded. I don’t know about HPM because I could never get it to work
>>6939 Ah I'm on HPM, worked first time for me. It's still a little railroaded for French Algeria, soon as Nationalism and Imperialism was done full sized Algeria just fucking pops up under tiny French Algeria and France gobbles them up. France is a right cunt on this playthrough, they were my ally at first and helped me take out Two Sicilies, but then rebels went ballistic and booted me out and I couldn't get the wargoal again, and at some point I lost France as an ally and wound up with NGF. NGF is alright but fucking Austria has allied with the Brits and France has allied with the Russians. Soon as I formed Italy everyone went bonkers trying to steal my fucking land, luckily I only lost part of Italy and a decent colony rather than the two good chunks of Italy they wanted of course they took the one province I had with coal

(876.33 KB 1280x646 L197L_sDsoo.png)
/games/ meme thread Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 18:01:56 No. 3244 [Reply]
Edited last time by krates on 08/11/2020 (Tue) 14:43:46.
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Let's get the thread going again. (pic 1 translation: History teacher, Physics teacher)
>>6710 >almost no memes <*scrolls up past the 6 or so whining comments* Huh? But you're right about whinging.
>>6711 >pic 3 It would be funny if that was modded into a game and shattered in one hit.
(70.60 KB 1156x943 Tok gf.png)
(229.87 KB 600x717 It's Tok time.png)
(169.89 KB 715x499 tokhaar everything.jpg)
CYOA memes
(182.74 KB 780x1280 nYUSXm--2M8.jpg)

(18.59 KB 400x400 nationstates400x400.png)
Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 20:04:23 No. 6871 [Reply]
If any of you guys play NationStates, I made a region for leftypol/dirtbag left/etc types if you wanna join https://www.nationstates.net/region=bunkers_and_icepicks also if this is against some board rule plz no ban im new
>dirtbag left You're very obvious
>larping go back to /pol/ rightfag
>>6871 Probably wanna remove the dirtbag left statemnet
Can I make my own nation state?
The mods over there are just as cancerous as over there. Litterally banning the word two in some convenient contexts.

(30.57 KB 160x160 HillaryKing-GTAVC.jpg)
Syndie-kun 11/30/2020 (Mon) 19:09:32 No. 6848 [Reply]
ITT: Video game characters that make you SEETHE.
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(129.84 KB 431x437 Suguru.png)
Mostly because every other villain in the game is shit compared to him.
>>6853 Also what the fuck is the point of recruiting a getaway driver that is the second best driver in the car?
>>6848 >>6853 >>6868 R* really didn't think this one through properly, also that's the issue with R* game design in general in that a poorly designed mission can make you really hate its character even if they're otherwise okay, same thing happened with Zero and his missions in SA.
>>6848 Only now do I see how similar he is to El Grando Smokio

(62.71 KB 640x632 Bunkerdirt.jpg)
Should there be a Matrix/Element server for we, the g*mers Poll Comrade 08/29/2020 (Sat) 00:53:16 No. 4082 [Reply]
The site's good for general discussion of gaming stuff of course, but for those who play multiplayer there's no way to connect and team up with/1v1 fellow bunkerbros, and the actual /leftypol/ Matrix server seems more for direct discussion about political theory (duh) and moderation. I just wanna play tf2 with bros who don't think 'gasthejuice' is actually funny, you know. Voot and discuss. (pic semirelated) https://www.strawpoll.me/20849203
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>>6876 Plenty of turn-based games and even some real-time games function just fine at 200ms ping.
>>6865 Let's see how many people here are actually interested in a matrix room for /games/. Here's a room I made (https://matrix.to/#/!YWrRUKLasccyNpfbue:matrix.org?via=matrix.org). I will ask mods to add this to /leftypol/'s matrix community if we get some people on board.
>>6892 tried joining, says i am not invited, go figure
>>6895 Did you enter the address or click the link with ). added to the end?
>>6895 >>6896 Sorry forgot setting it so anyone who has the link can join. You can try now. https://matrix.to/#/!YWrRUKLasccyNpfbue:matrix.org?via=matrix.org (fixed typo in the link)

(165.95 KB 1275x720 DlxUNwR.jpg)
planetside 2 03/02/2020 (Mon) 15:58:54 No. 6912 [Reply]
what's the most based faction?
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I like big boolit
>>6912 NC is for playing. VS is for stanning. Only cops play TR.
VS for the transhuman-post-scarcity-space-communist future
>>6912 bumping dead thread but I play TR. need to brush up on the lore tho.


no cookies?