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File: 1623316121581.jpg (37.33 KB, 602x379, leon watch out!.jpg)


Why is Trotsky so hated, /leftypol/? Mainly among tankies and le twitter stasi. Maybe I'm a filthy trot but I think the concept of international revolution is kino
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Cut the gordian knot.

Trotsky/Stalin were ideologically more or less identical. Trotsky the man was no less "authoritarian" or "violent" than Stalin. They differed primarily on the question of policy, specifically the course forward for the USSR following the failure of the Central European revolutions. Trotsky believed it impossible to produce an industrial base independently in the USSR & wanted to aggressively export revolution to industrially developed central & western European countries. Stalin favoured a conservative strategy of building up an industrial base beforehand. Stalin was ultimately vindicated as without the industrial developed under his leadership, the USSR would have been conquered by the 3rd reich & the slavic people genocided.

If the Hungarian/German revolutions had have succeded it's likely the Stalin-Trotsky split would never have occurred, Stalin would have still played leader & Trotsky would have continued to serve the Soviet Union.

Trotsky was ultimately a solid Marxist whose biggest flaws, aside from his Anti-Oriental/Anti-Asian chauvinism were that he had a rich boy ego & was a sore loser who tried to play opportunist and lost. His collaboration with rightist forces was not aimed at the destruction of the USSR, but in his mind an attempt at 4d chess toward what he viewed as a noble goal. We know in historical hindsight that he was being played.

Modern *Trotskyists* however, are absolute fucking scum, many of them conscious agents of the bourgeoisie, western chauvinists and garbage historical revisionist reactionaries. I imagine Trotsky the man would probably have most modern Trotskyites shot in the head.


>From "Soviet Democracy, 1917-1991" by David Priestland, which extensively cites Soviet archival material (including Stalin's own words in letters and speeches) as well as other scholars who themselves cite such material.

Who the fuck cares about "archival material"? Not only it's mostly fakes, but you have to interpret it properly. From your orange text it's clear as day that authors take western bourgeois liberal democracy for real democracy. That alone should disqualify a person from participating in a discussion about democracy, tbh


Was a 1980-90s invention. Nobody knew anything about Great Terror in 1930-40s, it's all archival, but had no trace in Soviet popular culture. There's ZERO works published at the time that mention Great Terror.

>Viktor Kravchenko, then the editor of a factory newspaper in the Ukraine, remembered that ‘within the limits of the party line’, ‘considerable freedom of speech was possible’; while nobody would dream of criticizing the party leadership or the General Line, ‘attacks on the factory administration, trade union functionaries and party officials, exposés of specific faults in production, were allowed’

Literally China.

>He also signalled the end of attacks on officials of bourgeois class origin and called a halt to proletarian vydvizhenie.

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>Trotsky/Stalin were ideologically more or less identical.
You have read neither of them.


>This is a load of bull. They were making preparations, but they didn't knew exact date and place where attack would happen. It is impossible to guard several thousands of kilometers of borders effectively. Making a defensive line would just mean loosing, because you couldn't properly regroup the army to effectively counterattack after that line was broke in any place. Imbecile.

>And what recrods are those, faggot?

Yeah, the only failure of Soviet strategy was that Soviet counter-intelligence was piss poor due to concerted effort of everyone and their mother to destroy USSR. Stalin had contradictory reports of german attacks twice a day, that's clearly not a basis for any decision on the war matter. Germans and british and french fed russian spies all kinds of false data, and none of those sources had any idea about Barbarossa anyway.

In USSR's defence, Germany didn't have any data on Soviets either. Germans went in blind, and then were constantly surprised to be finding roads and railroads where there should be none because germans were retarded and actually believed their own propaganda that USSR only has Czar era infrastructure, that commies only destroyed industries of Russian Empire and didn't build anything new. Halder's diaries show that pretty well, I think, with how horrified german OKW was to discover the real extent of Soviet railroad networks and how many and how often trains went.

BTW, this inability to get correct information about the enemy via spies from either sides produced such memes as Hitler claiming that USSR has no troops anymore in 1941 because "we killed 8 million troops! How can there be more Soviets coming?! Just attack already!" and OKW responding with "le -50 celsius winter in Novgorod" to Hitler as to why they are not attacking, or Stalin saying that 4 million nazis died in 1941. It's both funny and sad.

File: 1617871959020.png (200.06 KB, 1275x1275, map-poland.png)

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why are they so anti communist?
I don't get it.
It's like a clinical condition. Out of all the ex iron courtain and ex soviet union they are the most rabidly anti comminist.
What's the dialectical explanation?
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Why are you on this site? I recognize your retardation over multiple threads because they are all unsubtle antileftist shit. you think your dumb punchline hasn't been repeated by smug anti-communists for the nth time by this point? if you are going to actually contribute to this board at least give valid critiques instead of snark


File: 1623585754765.png (173.27 KB, 377x420, papajak nóóż.png)



So they will lose their geopolitical standing and with that socialism will again be stomped by stronger bigger competitors.
You have zero forethought. Why do you think eastern bloc govt were so obsessed with birth rates and having special programs to increase them?


This. The GDR was probably the most stable.


Rzuć się na sznur.

File: 1622130778366.jpg (9.64 KB, 244x250, 1621938328338s.jpg)

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I believe working with nationalist/ethnic/religious borders in order to kickstart a revolution is way easier than starting from a clean slate, after a proletariat dictatorship we can start a process of denationalization/secularization.

>inb4 fascist/nazi

Hopefully your moral righteousness and stubbornness will be of use by the time porky manages to charge you everytime you want use a neurotransmitter to send chemical signals to your prefrontal cortex
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more likely her grift will end in a few years as she becomes older and her patreons move to someone else, she marries some white petty bourg, and becomes the lady macbeth to his macbeth


Humanity should keep and expand its nuclear arsenal and have even more dangerous weapons ready for development to ensure that it is better prepared to deal with hostile ayyys


>space weapons
Just build a powerful engine, drive towards your enemy at fantastic delta V , dump the garbage bin , and watch it smack into the opponents ship with energy levels that make a nuke look like a pocket warmer.

Dedicated space weapons only make sense for specific damage to disable something. There is no such thing as an unarmed space ship.




>Twitter pics
>Online persona

File: 1623498155030.pdf (143.75 KB, 224x300, HARVIR7!.PDF)


Was the Soviet Union actually the second superpower?

It seems that it played a defensive game throughout most of the CW, and the Eastern bloc never had the overseas influence of either cultural or economic or the penetration of that of the capitalists of the larger part of the world. Plus, after the World Wars the Soviets had to do the extra work to rebuild, which the U.S. did not have to, which placed them at a disadvantage. And while the U.S. maintained blockades on the newer communist, revolutionary nations, the Soviets hardly did the same to capitalist ones, to not mention that in the 1/3 of the world that could be counted communist the U.S. tried to undermine the communist systems with all manner of methods while the Soviets took the path of coexistence with regard to the advanced capitalist powers. Was the outcome even in question, from retrospective vantage? Did the U.S.S.R. have the chance to shift history its way, and how could it have done that?

File not that relevant.
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File: 1623500184287.png (201.39 KB, 800x800, soviet-plushy.png)

Yes the Soviet Union was a super power, imperialism is not necessary.

Without the Soviet collapse, the neoliberals can't loot the entire eastern block in the 90s and float their financial house of cards for another decade. The 2011 finance crash would happen in 1999. The neoliberal capitalist order would have been fucked. Funding the bailouts with an austerity massacre while the Soviets are still around would make the entire periphery and parts of the core switch sides.

People forget how much the Soviet Union shaped the global stage, just with it's presence.


But how could they have lagged behind the capitalist bloc in culture and consumer goods so much? It's not just military. Why couldn't the KGB or whatever stop all those coups perpetrated by the glows and compradors?


File: 1623565981001.jpg (112.58 KB, 923x653, USSRIndustrialWeight.jpg)

Yes, USSR was second superpower - right after USSR's WW2 victory. USSR "stole" hell of a lot of colonies from under capitalists, and that threat of USSR stealing even more was what created NATO and USA dominance over it's "allies".

In 1950s USSR's population was richer than in the West. It all was downhill from there on, without transformation of nature even further agricultural sector in USSR couldn't grow anymore, and industrial sector was reshaped for exports - USSR sold heavy industrial goods and oil and bought back fucking polish boots and furniture. It was degradation, created in order for bureaucracy to cash in their privileges through not-easily-traceable foreign trade.

>Why couldn't the KGB or whatever stop all those coups perpetrated by the glows and compradors?

They didn't want to, usually. Independent communists were a worse prospect for social-imperialist USSR than national capitalist regimes. In fact, USSR and USA oftentimes teamed up to break up british and french colonial holdings. You have to understand the history of Soviet secret services to get what was going on there - Yezhov and Iagoda were german spies, and Beria was an english spy. Secret services were infiltrated by double, triple, four-fold agents, in part because that's just how it is, just look at the amount of coordination and overlap CIA, MI6, Mossad have. USSR was paranoid about Bonapartism, a military general overturning democracy, but instead it got secret services influencing politics, and Zhukov couped the democracy regardless in 1957, overruling the decision of CC to remove Khruschev by threatening to use military.


how can you even stop the secret services from becoming like this


Party work. Just like with military, there needed to be political commissars attached everywhere, and secret services themselves heavily politicized. CIA, for example, is full of brainwashed fanatics - you need fanatical communists for the job, then. Alternatively, NKVD/KGB functioned properly while under Molotov, even though he wasn't the man for the job. USSR just had no men with the secret services' "calling" in them, so to say.

In any case, China seems to be doing fine on secret services front. It would be interesting to read on what did they do exactly to prevent bonapartism and treachery in there.

File: 1622815902913.jpeg (104.9 KB, 504x566, D3294DC3-9988-4DEE-B0AA-9….jpeg)


How much longer do you think the American Empire will last?
I say until some time in the 2030s probably

I think once America has a second civil war it will basically be ogre even if the state emerged victorious and AFAIK the Pentagon believes the military will be deployed for operations in US megacities within the next 20 years
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File: 1622841946931.png (26.8 KB, 250x176, jojo-hmp-doubt.png)

We are going first into a new cold-war era, but I am not sure of the outcome.
>just stop QE
You don't realize how out of touch that is. It's the industrial/financial-sector/silicon Valley nutjobs who keep pushing D.C. for the helicopter money, so they can keep receiving bailouts.
>If they can avoid the trap of Imperium, they will leave the Western hemisphere alone politically and America will rise from the ashes to fulfill it's Creed, bolstered by global economic support from Chinese investment in the productive forces.
>mfw you really believe that in order to not being imperialism China must help America after its decadent decay.


File: 1623580360693.gif (3.32 MB, 498x244, tenor (1).gif)

Inşallah soon.




Globally? I'd argue it is already in its death-throws. EU already is trying to distance ourselves away from the US, China is already de-facto the leading superpower and countries are as unlikely to regain trust in US as a foreign power after Trump as Biden is unlikely to get the Cheeto dust out of the Oval Office.

Domestically? I'd say anywhere from 5 to 50 years, where the "end point" would either be a federal collapse, civil war or a rewriting of the constitution that would amount to the abolishion of socialism in Russia in terms of systemic change.


The end of the American Empire would likely be the end of the world, or at least the world in any remotely recognizable form. Why? Because anything that could take it down would also take down the rest of the world. Here's the two main possibilities:
-Global warming; Every country will be greatly destabilized by global warming, so won't be a uniquely American problem.
-World war; At this point any direct war between major world powers would be an apocalyptic event for all parties involved. Even without nukes, the scale of destruction would be without precedent.
-Civil war; A couple of issues here. Firstly, there is a good likelihood that weapons of mass destruction would be used in an American civil war considering their great abundance in the country. I don't think that any country with, say, nuclear weapons has ever had a civil war, so we don't really have much in the way of precedent here. Secondly, considering how central America is to the current world order, an American civil war could very well become a world war, as the remaining world powers will likely intervene to ensure a favorable outcome for them.


Imagine a government that actually steps in to curb the ambitions of its bourgeoisie:
>The sudden cancellation of Ant Group’s IPO shocked investors, but Beijing's slapdown of Jack Ma was years in the making. And Alibaba and Ant aren't the only tech firms under scrutiny by Chinese regulators.
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>Jesi li se učlanio u Radnički pokret i zašto nisi

Ja zivim od 1994 u austriji,ovdje nema "radnički pokret" ni komunističke partije.

I em since 1994 in Austria there are no unions,or "Labour Movement'

>Translation for English lingo anons


File: 1623576799697.jpg (77.08 KB, 867x989, 7a5.jpg)

Ma živi se brate

This thread is now under occupation of Socialist Federation Yugoslavia.


E moja dijasporo, i Bogu si teška
zadnje tri godine sam proveo u Sloveniji


Pa dobro je to!

File: 1623374899863.png (18.32 KB, 232x300, 1621669690461-0.png)

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China at this moment is a social imperialist entity.
A lot of Xiaboos would dismiss any libertarian communist analysis regardless of wether its correct or not, so for the sake of argument, Let's look into some of the analysis of imperialism made by Lenin and how these apply to China.

Firstly let's look at the frame work of what constitutes imperialism.

1. The concentration of production and capital has developed to such a high stage that it has created monopolies which play a decisive role in economic life.
2. The merging of bank capital with industrial capital, and the creation, on the basis of finance capital, of a financial oligarchy.
3. The export of capital being made possible developing nations and are drawn into world capitalist intercourse
4. The formation of international monopolist capitalist associations which share the world among themselves.
5. The territorial division of the whole world among the biggest capitalist powers is completed.
Imperialism is capitalism at the stage of development in which the dominance of monopolies and finance capital is established; in which the export of capital has acquired pronounced importance; in which the division of the world among the international trusts has begun, in which the divison of all territories of the globe among the biggest capitalist powers has been completed.

Now let's get into the typical Xiaboo arguments and see how this analysis of imperialism applies to them, while also cross referencing it with this article.

<China is building infrastructure which means that it's actually helping these struggling nations.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Who's the asian guy on the bottom left corner for the People's Republic Appreciator section


>You could say that as the global capitalist system develops, the level of industrialization necessary for a socialist country to compete with its rivals would increase.
Yeah that.
>They unquestionably have a sufficient level of economic development to implement a shift to a planned system.
Do you think this was the case for the USSR? When did China reach this level of development in your opinion?


>Do you think this was the case for the USSR?
The USSR accomplished the vast majority of its industrial development under a planned system. Frankly the history of Soviet industrialization seriously undermines the idea that China would need to approach Western levels of GDP/capital before it can abandon capitalism.
>When did China reach this level of development in your opinion?
Certainly by the time it’s overall GDP and industrial output began to rival and surpass that of the United States.


Interestingly the PRC sold weapons to the government only, and not to the rebels.


File: 1623578729690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.07 KB, 963x1024, 1623316401516.jpg)

I swear this whole thread is glowing

File: 1623560867858.jpg (18.8 KB, 399x388, whatever.jpg)


hello i don't understand you fucking faggots at all
if you're going to be anti religion on 4chan, don't make it so obvious you're from here, so they can automatically ignore it as a communist conspiracy

also if there's a religion board, they can get the fuck out of my board and get moved there which i'm not sure if you care but that's better than dealing with them posting on every single other one from their discord constantly. fuck you retards you're less intelligent than the screaming 16 year old american brats on /pol/. and fuck christians and fuck kikes i don't care about your politics but stop fucking it up when you're telling christians to get lost
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nah I mean shit like the nazbol memes or whatever.


Most nazbol posters are just funposting. Nazbol isn't a serious political trend anywhere in the world & hasn't been since their collapse as a movement in Russia.

Radlibs & "SJWs" like to claim that we're nazbols but they also claim we are "rad fascists" and secretly in cahoots with /pol/ to genocide muh pee-oh-cees and fags. They're just delusional.


not what I was saying. I mean the proliferation of people meming as nazbols extended WAY past leftypol. There was all sorts of "Gangs"


I'm not sure whether or not that actually started on the old leftypol. It's just a funny meme anyway. I enjoy it, although most people here don't. You'll probably find more acceptance for nazbolgang posting on /pol/ than here.


Moved to >>>/b/74720.

File: 1623560935687.png (52.48 KB, 762x754, EHGQnV6W4AEsmZ9.png)


I have concluded that, despite the fact all MENA "peoples" are garbage people (if even can be called people, of course), Syrians are indeed, the lowest form of dune coons. This nation that has been invented by the French has never seen a day of prosperity in its existance due to the fact that the vilest, dumbest, filthies, most inbred and most radical populations live within its borders. That's catastrophic considering that even utter, massive shitholes like Iraq have experienced a decade or two of happiness and stability. Bottom line is Syrians are not people, have never been people and will never be, calling them so or comparing them to human beings is a human rights infrigement, calling them subhumans is an insult to other subhuman species like Nafris, Chinks, Pajeets, Amerimutts and N!ggers, even calling them animals is considered animal abuse
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File: 1623562001613.png (200.48 KB, 1305x748, d9b.png)



Calling Syrians subhumans is an offense to Subhuman species mentioned above

Based America turned Soleimani into Kebab


And how many of your country"men" were exterminated under the orders of the eternal martyr? LMAO your "people" were put down like cockroachers by the will of Allah. Soleimani is worth more than 100,000 iraqi "people".


Damn /pol/ be wilding a lot.


Moved to >>>/b/74653.

File: 1623531891821-0.png (1.25 MB, 1537x617, download.png)

File: 1623531891821-1.jpg (16.37 KB, 323x308, lec02_4nogu.jpg)

File: 1623531891821-2.png (232.72 KB, 720x442, Screenshot_20210612-154856….png)


I've been studying Edo Period Japan and just realized they would've been Britain if Britain had never existed. Well on their way to having an industrial and bourgeois revolution


File: 1623532034270-0.png (173.31 KB, 582x824, E3tFuvuWUAYceJl.png)

File: 1623532034270-1.png (191.75 KB, 588x890, E3tFwAVXwAQ7ys6.png)



>in an alternate timeline, businessmen around the world wear kimonos and receive ceremonial nippon steel blades instead of swiss watches as tokens of achievement
I would read this alt history novel.


File: 1623551678695.jpg (39.82 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMTMwODc5NjI3N15BMl5Ban….jpg)

Blame Americans, specifically Matthew Perry.

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